Assassin’s Creed Origins is the series you remember, back yet again

Here’s something to make you feel old: the original Assassin’s Creed launched a whole decade ago. It’s been 10 years since Assassin’s Creed featured grumpy old Altair, imprisoned poor Desmond, and introduced now-ingrained concepts such as the Animus, Abstergo, and snazzy clothes with hoods.

Hoods aside, Assassin’s Creed: Origins takes great pains to appear new – or it did in the sizable chunk of the game I played last week, at any rate. For this last preview prior to release, I was given four hours to roam Origins’ open world and get a feeling for how this enormous thing will play when it arrives at the end of this month.

Ubisoft bigs up its fresh historical playground for every Assassin’s Creed, but what a vast and varied landscape Origins’ sun-soaked space is. Egypt is the star of the game, from its dusty farmsteads to gaudy temples, palm tree-lined tracks and, off in the distance, cities such as Alexandria shimmering on the horizon. On foot or on the back of a camel you can wander for hours through the landscape and watch its inhabitants or wildlife do their thing. More impressive still is the new ability to fast forward this simulation at any point, to roll the clouds across the horizon at the touch of a button and turn morning to evening, afternoon through to night.

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Source: Euro Gamer