FIFA 18 now shows you which player your online opponent is controlling

Yesterday we reported on FIFA 18’s first major patch, which focuses on welcome changes to goalkeepers and shooting. But it didn’t take long for fans to react to a couple of changes that initially went under the radar.

The first is another welcome change. The in-game radar icons are once again based on the colour of a team’s kit. This sounds like an innocuous change, but one of the most annoying things about FIFA 18 was its radar displayed player icons in black or white only. The black and white allocation was locked to the away and home teams respectively. So if the actual kits were, say, light and dark for away and home respectively, you’d find it very difficult to quickly make sense of the radar blobs because they’d be the opposite colour type compared to the on-pitch kits.

But it’s the second change that’s divided the FIFA community – and the debate is ongoing.

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Source: Euro Gamer