Battlefield 5 physical sales down more than half on Battlefield 1

Battlefield 5 officially launched in shops last Tuesday, 20th November – enough time to give it five days on sale during its launch week. But it sold fewer than half the physical copies Battlefield 1 did upon its launch – when that was only on sale three days.

It sounds like bad news for Battlefield 5, and it is – but there are a couple of caveats which make it harder to tell by how much Battlefield 5 was down.

Battlefield 5 was available digitally earlier if you bought the pricier Deluxe Edition, which granted access on 15th November. And you could gain access earlier still if you subscribed to Origin Access Premier, which only launched this year. And then there’s the general rise in digital game sales over physical copies. As ever, UK numbers company Chart-Track only counts boxed copies sold.

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Source: EuroGamer