KFC Gaming shares official Chicken Champ Fortnite skin concept

The official KFC Gaming Twitter account has shared their Fortnite skin concept, appropriately titled Chicken Champ.

Skins concepts are a popular type of content which the Fortnite community generates, sometimes Epic Games even brings concepts to life, such as the recent Tender Defender skin.

An official gaming-related account for the KFC fast-food franchise has shared their take on a Fortnite skin featuring KFC styles and a likeness to their mascot Colonel Sanders.

The Chicken Champ skin is a modified Wild Card skin from the Heist LTM. The concept appears to aim for a Colonel Sanders look while maintaining Fortnite’s signature look and style.

The included conceptual Harvesting Tool is a simple Pickaxe with KFC’s Grilled Chicken Breast Bucket thrown on top, titled Bucket Basher.

While a price is not given for the skin, it seems the Pickaxe would cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

The Rarity of both the Skin and Pickaxe are red, which is not a Rarity given to any other Item in the game at the time being. What would you call this Rarity?

It’s very possible that we could see this concept brought to life by Epic Games due to the high profile and advertising potential which KFC could bring to Fortnite. Stay tuned for any updates.

Would you like to see this Skin and Pickaxe added to the game? What would you do for the set’s Glider and Back Bling?

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