Best class setups & tips for the Strife in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

The Strife is the most classic-styled pistol of Black Ops 4. A fire-rate cap, a moderate damage profile, and a quick moveset.

The Strife pistol moves quickly and has a decent damage profile, but what can it really do? We’ll take a look at that in this guide with the help of XclusiveAce’s stats breakdowns. Check out the full video for more stats (embedded at the end of the article).

Let’s begin with the damage stats.

The Strife does 46 to 27 damage per shot, dependent on the range of the target. This lands the Strife at a 4 to 6 shot kill, a fast per bullet kill speed. As for the true time to kill, the pistol varies between 411ms and 685ms. The Strife is special in that it is a semi-automatic. The trigger delay is applied to the above stats.

In addition to the trigger delay, the player’s own trigger pull speed must be taken into account. The delay is quite long per shot on the Strife and most people should have no problem firing the weapon at maximum speed.

The rate of fire clocks in at 438rpm which is rather slow. This is due to the heavy delay, but is mostly covered up by the high damage and good movement stats.

Speaking of the movement stats, let’s inspect them a little closer.

The Strife as a lightning quick ADS speed of 160ms, lowered even further to 125ms with Quickdraw. At these speeds however, the advantage is quite small and negligible. As with all pistols, the Strife allows for 100% movement speeds.

Sprintout times mirror the quickness of the ADS times; 200ms for a standard sprintout and 125ms for Gung-ho sprintout. The difference here makes for a worthwhile advantage and should be used whenever possible.

The Strife has a 84% strafe speed and no option for a stock. The 84% is one of the highest non-stock strafe speeds in the game and allows for quick strafing similar to the Stock 2 Saug 9mm.

As for class setup, XclusiveAce designed a balanced loadout for us today.

The class mitigates the Strife’s low magazine capacity with an Extended Mag. The pistol’s range is increased through the use of a Long Barrel, giving more opportunity for long range kills. FMJ is thrown on to allow for penetration kills (the default pen stat is very low on the Strife).

A Red Dot Sight is also attached as the iron sights are sub-optimal for medium to long range engagements.

Perks-wise, the class comes with Scavenger due to the low starting reserves of the pistol. The starting reserves are dependent on magazine size. Gung-ho helps speed up the sprintout times and Dead Silence keeps your flanks silent.

Stim Shot rounds the class out and allows for faster and more frequent healing.

For more stats and details, view XclusiveAce’s full video. You can find it embedded below. Don’t forget to check out his channel for more videos daily.

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