This Pharaoh skin concept would be a massive hit in Fortnite’s Item Shop

The history of the ancient Egyptians may be one of the most fascinating time periods in human history. 

Mummys and pyramids are both distinctly Egyptian and have been featured in hundreds upon thousands of movies and entertainment.

Whether it’s the horror of wrapped reanimated corpses or the ancient treasure that is buried under the sand, Egyptian movies are usually quite popular.

For that reason, this concept of an Egyptian mummy would almost certainly do very well as a skin in the item shop.

Created by ImpressivePizza, this skin looks like what people expected out of the mystery skin in Season 5.

Skin Concept: Pharaoh from FortNiteBR

Definitely one of the cleaner skin concepts in its design and presentation.

Both styles are pretty awesome and would see a lot of play in the game. The Egyptian history is so rich that the options for gliders, pickaxes and back blings are wide.

This skin is honestly to a level where it could be included in a battle pass, especially one that fits the Egyptian theme.

The desert section of the map has been a bit underutilized throughout most of the seasons.

An Egyptian event including hidden pyramids with extra loot may be exactly what the area of the map needs to become a hot spot for drops.

Other Egyptian skins could round out the battle pass and there are plenty of options for Epic to choose from to create a cool event out of the time period.

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