Gears 5's first character DLC drop adds General Raam, DeeBee, COG Gear and Warden

Gears 5 has received its first DLC character drop. On the “hero” side we’ve got COG Gear and DeeBee. On the “villain” side we’ve got Warden and General Raam.

However, there isn’t a Carmine in sight in this first DLC character drop for the game, which is sure to upset everyone’s who’s campaigned for Carmine to be added to the game.

These DLC characters have special abilities for use across Gears 5’s various modes. COG Gear, for example, is a support character whose ultimate instantly revives downed allies. Raam’s arcade passive lets him receive active reload ammo for kills. Of note: if you earned Gilded General Raam through the Road to Gears 5 challenges in Gears 4, you automatically unlock Raam as a character for Gears 5’s arcade mode, including the base Raam character skin.

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Source: EuroGamer